One of the most important ministries at St. Luke whose purpose is to assist adults in their journey into Communion with the Catholic Church to become full members of the body of believers. As an active alive Catholic community, we welcome inquirers into experiencing the gifts and truths of the Catholic faith in a friendly, non-threatening way, with no pressure. We, who are already Catholic, and have walked with others on this journey  before, invite anyone to discover the experience of Christ's love through this process. If anyone is interested in learning more about the Catholic Faith or has a strong desire to become baptized in our Faith they should contact the Community Center.

 Parish School of Religion

 Our Religious Education Program is one of the most vital ministries in our parish. We have a program based on the tenants of our Catholic Faith. Our philosophy is to provide the best Catholic Education to those who seek it, while invoking the power of the Holy Spirit to guide our minds and hearts in a faith-filled manner. Our mission is to be faithful in our teaching of the truths of the Catholic Church, to build our faith community, and to be "Christ-like" with all we encounter. The primary value of teaching religion is to lead our youth toward full participation in the liturgy and life of our church.

Safe Environment

For the protection of children and young people.  All volunteers who are currently involved with youth who are 17 years or younger must complete the Safe Environment process.

Renewal is now a three-year renewal.