Finance Council

The Parish Finance Committee assists the pastor in overseeing the parish finances and the management of its resources. They periodically review the parish income and expenditures to determine if the parish is operating within the approved budget and provide the parishioners with periodic reports on its financial position. The committee also studies the revenue and makes recommendations to the parish for maintaining or increasing the revenues in order to meet the parish objectives and priorities.

Ronnie Peltier
Ronald Freeman
Sylvester Jackson
Louis Thomas


Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council (with parish support) sets the vision by reviewing, assessing, and determining goals and objectives. It makes recommendations concerning programs and events which can support parishioners in accomplishing the goals and living out the vision. Through information gathering, study, and conversation with one another, we will strive to arrive at decisions through consensus. The council is committed to helping all ministries receive the help and support needed to meet the goals that will best serve our community. Nominations are by the parish at large and random selection occurs. The pastor may appoint members as necessary.

Chair - Maxine Bell
Co-Chair - Cheryl Johnson
Secretary - Kimberly Clement
Pearlette Carter
Marlise Freeman
Carolyn Johnson
Felicia Lee
Lois Phipps
Jene' Robinson